Photos by Sergio - Photography for Philanthropy | Testimonials



Jane Golden

I have had multiple private lessons with Sergio. He is equally talented as a photographer and as an educator. Some people are very skilled at their craft but are not able to convey the information appropriately for a lay person to learn. This is not so with Sergio. He is completely accessible and personable and will tailor his lessons to suit your needs. I have seen my ability and confidence radically improve under his tutelage and when I am attempting a shot I can hear his voice guiding me! In addition, his studio is lovely land peaceful and all proceeds from his reasonably priced lessons are donated to a very worthy cause. I had wanted to improve my skills with digital photography and Light Room for a long time - I wish I had found Sergio sooner. I cannot recommend him highly enough.



Cary Miller

I have recently taken both photography classes with Sergio and individual instructions for specific goals. While his formal presentations are extremely well organized and very detailed, he also responses well to questions on specific topics. In his classes, he provides many links to enhance your photographic interests. Beyond his photographic skills he is well versed in equipment, software and specifically, for my needs, what would be the best equipment for me, and how to outfit for travel. I highly recommend Sergio. P.S. He is also a good guy!



John Craig

If your skills with Adobe Lightroom are less than virtuoso, Sergio's course on Lightroom is a must. It will unlock the power of the software and dramatically improve your ability to manage files, maximize photo quality, and share photos in a variety of applications. Available in group sessions or as private tutorials, which is what I did. Sergio is an extremely knowledgeable, patient, and effective teacher.



Lisa Libman

In one word...outstanding! Sergio is a knowledgeable, creative and energetic photography instructor who genuinely cares about his students. His understated competence will have you always wanting more. Sergio has the necessary combination of skills that make his classes popular and stand out from the rest. He has a clear vision of what he feels are the necessary skills for photographic enjoyment and communicates them clearly in a positive upbeat way. He is organized and works hard to prepare the most up-to-date detailed downloadable notes for following along while he instructs with additional links for extra learning at home. Sergio is tech-literate and tech-savvy, having had a longstanding career in information technology. He is a dedicated teacher with high standards who works hard to encourage and challenge his students. Sergio is a passionate photographer who leads by example and inspires all in his path.

For me personally, Sergio has been my mentor and has truly single-handedly inspired me in the art of photography. It is obvious that Sergio has found his true calling as the quintessential photography teacher. 



Paula Oakes

I have learned so much from Sergio, both in his classes and private lessons. He hones in on what is important and makes the difficult concepts so easy to understand. I look forward to many more lessons with Sergio.



Marlene Lorca

In Sergio Burani I have found both a professional photographer and a teacher. He not only possesses extensive knowledge, but has also succeeded in capturing transcendent images through his work.

Sergio is very passionate about photography, and is someone who will relentlessly push your limits to make you a better photographer, while influencing you as a teacher and mentor. 



Peter Wentworth

Sergio is a talented teacher of photography, its management, and manipulation. He patiently taught me Lightroom, and shared his insights from years of experience. His instruction/reference material is engaging, and his private tutorials were tailored to my specific needs. Highly recommended!