Photos by Sergio - Photography for Philanthropy | Camels, camels, and more camels

This is probably one of the largest collections of camel photos ever published. These strange but interesting animals are shown with all different facial expressions, in all different poses, at all times of the day. Some of the pictures are very funny. They were taken in several different countries of Asia and Africa.
Camel with a smirkFriendly camelCamel with open mouthCamel with crochet muzzleCamel restingCamel nappingCamel with snotty nose.Camel with flat noseCamel with flies on his faceTwo camels: mother and childTwo camels flirtingTwo camels - one singing.Camel couple.Camel chinCamel underwearDecorated camel neckDecorated camel neckThis camel knows how to readCamel noseYoung black camel